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About Us

Who We Are?

Founded to fill a gap in the market, Qu Consulting provides expert technical, regulatory, compliance commercial, communications and governmental affairs services to small and medium sized enterprises around the globe. Our experienced and qualified consultants work closely with our clients to create and help implement technical and regulatory strategies for submission and approval of pharmaceutical and medical products. We take the risks out of compliance by helping create and administer a system driven approach to prevent mistakes and resolve compliance challenges. The consultants have worked with pharmaceutical and medical products to help resolve their regulatory, quality and compliance issues.

The last hurdle is to successfully launch an product that will maximize the return on the investment. This can be addressed prior to the regulatory filling and immediately after gaining approval. Such efforts are based on current market conditions, historical models and recent market precedents, as well as dynamics in the pharmaceutical market. The degree of planing and support with a client is determined primarily by client capabilities and internal budgetary guideline. Launch efforts and support should include generic molecules that are technically challenging, “common” generics, “First to file”, “authorized generics”, etc. whether developed internally or in concert with a partner.

Let us demonstrate all the paths that lead to success for your business.

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The Best Place for the Best People

Years Experience

Our attorneys have a collective many years of experience in consulting, giving us a deep understanding of the consulting and the ability to deliver exceptional results.

Professional Team

Our team's collective consulting experience spans over many years, providing us with a deep understanding of the industry and the ability to provide our clients with tailored solutions.