Science And Technology

The Science and Technology practice group of Qu Consulting helps clients with formalizing their R&D strategy as well as ensuring technology transfer from lab to manufacturing sites within companies or across companies. Our experienced team can help you across the full gamut of scientific and technical challenges. Starting from helping you map the R&D landscape, decide on your R&D strategy, set up an R&D laboratory that is just right for your current business needs but which can be modularly scaled up for the future, to an R&D assessment designed to help achieve the optimum structure based on the people, processes and equipment available in-house. Seroquel has been approved by the fda gabapentin otc for the treatment of major depressive. Topix was closed in 2005 by its parent priligy tablets 60 mg Kalpetta company, compuserve. It interferes with the nerve gabapentin dosage for shingles Pires do Rio cells leading to the gut and causes paralysis and death. If you want to use it in small Tādepallegūdem children that would be a problem, but adults can take meclizine if you know how to use them the way the package claims to be used. These Racine drugs act on the kidneys and can cause water retention. We can help augment your R&D team by supporting or even supervising their efforts so as to ensure high impact without adding to your permanent employee strength.

Some areas of our expertise are listed below:

  • R&D landscape mapping.
  • Technical evaluation of R&D set-up, including processes and peoples knowledge & skills.
  • Strategizing to identify likely drug candidates.
  • Project manage R&D laboratory set-up, as well as plant lab set up.
  • Audit R&D for Good Laboratory Practices and suggest fixes required, if any.
  • Assistance with in-licensing
  • and out-licensing of molecules.
  • Scale up and scale down of formulations, transfer across sites.